Driveway Cleaning Ryedale

We are receiving more and more requests for driveway cleaning in North Yorkshire as homeowners find it increasingly difficult to maintain their driveways themselves. As a professional driveway cleaning company based in Scarborough we can clean and seal driveways in most towns nearby such as Whitby, York and Bridlington.

The number of driveway enquiries have grown as more and more people try to keep the front of their properties clean and presentable, knowing the effect this has on the appearance of their property. This is coupled with the fact that people are more informed these days about the lasting benefits, in long-lasting appearance and reduced maintenance, that sealing the surface of a driveway offers.

Based in Scarborough, we can pressure clean and seal driveways in most towns across the Ryedale area, including Pickering, Filey, Malton and Helmsley as well as Whitby and Bridlington.

Our driveway cleaning includes Imprinted Concrete and Tarmac, but first, the facts regarding Block Paving:

The blocks used in block paving are very porous and have joints filled with sand which makes for an ideal breeding ground for weeds, moss, algae and lichen, as well as general dirt and grime.

Cleaning and sealing this surface necessarily takes place in stages:

  • The area may be pre-treated with weedkiller and/or fungicidal wash to kill off the organisms mentioned above
  • The paving and joints are jet-cleaned with a professional pressure-washing machine, using a large rotary-head initially, then blasting muck from the joints with a lance
  • Having given the surface and joints several days to dry completely, on the same day we will sweep new kiln-dried sand in to the joints and seal the surface with two coats of Smartseal™ Block Paving Sealer. As mentioned above, this gives a protection that lasts for a few years and makes keeping the surface clean that much easier

If you live in the Ryedale district or nearby and would like a FREE quote for driveway cleaning, please call us on 01944 711314 or fill in our online enquiry form