Imprinted Concrete

Ryedale Pro Wash are based in Scarborough and specialise in cleaning, sealing and if necessary, restoring the colour of imprinted concrete driveways and patios in North Yorkshire.

Imprinted concrete is a very durable surface which has a distinct advantage over block paving is that maintenance is easier: there is no sand between the joints to provide a breeding ground for weeds and moss and as the concrete is in one piece there are no blocks which could potentially move around with heavy vehicles driving over them, for example. 

As an initial step, only if it's required, we could pre-treat the surface with fungicidal wash and/or oil remover, should a vehicle have left any on the surface. We leave these for some days to work, then if any cracks are present we can fill these and make them good using a repair compound for imprinted concrete.

We then pressure clean the area using the best equipment currently available: a Cobra Honda pressure washer operating at up to 250 bar, a large rotary head and lance with turbo nozzle.

The next day we would seal the surface with two coats of Smartseal™ Imprinted Concrete Sealer. If the surface has looked really worn and 'patchy' of late we can mix a powerful colour tint to the sealer to bring the colour back to its former glory. Most homeowners are amazed at how good their driveways and patios can look after the refurbishment is complete - usually it looks very similar to when it was laid!

Our imprinted concrete reapir and sealing service is available throughout the Ryedale district, including Scarborough, Pickering, Filey, Bridlington and Whitby.

We offer FREE quotes for all aspects of concrete repairs and sealing in North Yorkshire so please call us on 01944 711314 or fill in our enquiry form.