Tarmac Restoration

There are many tarmac driveways across the Ryedale area in North Yorkshire in which could do with a 'makeover.' We will pressure clean and seal tarmac driveways in most towns in the area including Scarborough, Whitby, Filey and Bridlington.

While it's a cheaper option to lay than block paving or imprinted concrete, tarmac still usually looks very nice when first laid. However, due to constant exposure to sunlight and weathering, the resins that were present when it was new gradually dry out and the surface fades to a light grey and may start to crack or even break up. Tarmac repairs are needed by many homeowners in North Yorkshire when their tarmac driveway start to crack up and deteriorate.

Until the last few years, the only option has been to have the driveway taken up and re-laid. However, product advancement has given us Tarmaseal™ Tarmac restorer which is far removed from the tarmac paints that have been on the market for years and still continue to be sold to provide an optical illusion that the driveway is in good condition because it is darker!

Tarmaseal™ actually replaces those lost resins, so the transformation you will see is not skin deep; it penetrates right into the tarmac!

If the surface has cracks, we use a repair compound to fill them and as long as the surface is not breaking up we can then pressure wash the tarmac and apply two coats of Tarmaseal™, usually rendering the surface back to like it was when new.

Our Tarmac Restoration service is available in Ryedale, including Pickering, Filey, Scarborough and also Whitby and Bridlington.

Please call for a FREE quote for tarmac repair and restoration on 01944 711314 or enquire online.